Monday, March 22, 2010

Review - Sea Clearwater

Title - Sea Clearwater
Author - Selene Gardenas
Genre - Fantasy
Pages - 168
NOTE - This was a free review copy from the publisher!

Thirteen year old Sea Clearwater discovers fourteen year old Thomas Saise, helping unravel the truth of her identity. Join them as they battle the evil Eric Shade, ruler of black benders. In addition to learning fighting skills as a water bender, Sea gains a greater understanding of a life beyond anything she imagined as she encounters wizards, fairies, gentle creatures and violent ones.

Sea Clearwater is a short, simple read. It was written when the author was 13 and it is easy to tell that it was. This is NOT saying it is bad, it isn't! I say it reads like it because its simple, easy to read, not overly descriptive so you dont get bored reading about a hill for three pages, nor is it so deep you can't understand it.

The writing style has a few flaws, sometimes its read a bit akwardly (alot of she said/he said after quotations)
but ithat does not take away form such a pleasant read.

The story follows Sea who was adopted and has been bestowed a great gift: the ability to bend water and ice to her will. As the only Clearwater left, Sea is in great danger from the evil Eric Shade who has killed all her family before her. It is Eric who puts a curse on Sea and Tom, when they touch Sea passes out and a light shiens from their teardrop necklaces that alerts Eric to thier location, so even though they harbor feelings for each other, it is difficult to express them without risk.

Sea eventually goes forth to stop Eric from his evil plans, she meets up with three warriors (Matt, John and Sarah) and trains with them to learn to control her powers and to learn fighting skills, all this leads up to a nice battle with Eric. The battle scenes are not bloody, the love interests are clean and the whole story is written so that any age can enjoy it.

Throughout Sea Clearwater, the author has provided us with images that i can only assume she drew when she was writting the book, that depict certain scenes in the book, they are a nice touch and give the book a certain charm. Gardenas is now working on the second book in the Sea Clearwater Series, I can not wait to see what happens next to Sea and her friends!


  1. Maralyn said...
    Your review captures the essence of "Sea Clearwater" and Selene Cardenas.

    Selene is 15 now and her writing has matured and the next book will show improved more descriptive writing skills.

    What I enjoyed, was having the voice of a 13 year old that was able to take every twist and turn of adventure to closure.

    Since I know Selene, I'm happy to see this post.

    Maralyn D. Hill
    LunaMoth said...
    thank you! i hope to read her newest book sonn =)
    Selene said...
    Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review my book! I did actually draw all the pictures in my book. You can even see the characters on my website ( and can follow their adventures through my blog. Hopefully, now that I'm a little older, my writing and drawing has improved. :)

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