Saturday, January 2, 2010

Review - 13 Reasons Why

Title - 13 Reasons Why
Author - Jay Asher
Genre - Young Adult
Pages - 304

Description When Clay Jenson plays the casette tapes he received in a mysterious package, he's surprised to hear the voice of dead classmate Hannah Baker. He's one of 13 people who receive Hannah's story, which details the circumstances that led to her suicide. Clay spends the rest of the day and long into the night listening to Hannah's voice and going to the locations she wants him to visit.

I was told by a few that this was a 'good cry read' and yes, it was. The book is filled with pain, a little humor, and a good message if you pay attention. The narrative was interesting, the way it italisized hannahs voice and had clays as regular, it made it easy to figure out who was talking. The book was relativly short, but a good book indeed. It makes us think of our actions because everything we say and do affects someone, somehow. I can't really go into much detail because i would be giving too much away (besides the description already gives away enough) but the book also teaches us that noone is without faults, I definatly recomend this book to any young adult (and even older adults!).


  1. Breshiki said...
    Wow, this sounds like a really good book! I'll have to go check it out later!
    blueicegal said...
    heyy girl loving the blog its comming along nicely , i adored this book!!it really does send out a powerful mesgae! btw im follwoing you yay! be sure to chek out ma blog, im doin a twilight paordy u might wanna have a look at :)
    Ky said...
    Loved this book. It was so good. I think it should be required reading for all highschoolers.
    LunaMoth said...
    yes me too, it would shed light on many issues in high school. parents, teachers, guidance consolers and prinipals should also read this book.. scratch all that, EVERYONE should read this book.
    Faye said...
    i'm the only one(i think) who hasn't read this book yet! from what i've been seeing it awesome!

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