Monday, January 18, 2010

Author of Eleganta: A Novel of Fairykind, Denny Swartzlander was kind enough to answer some of my questions.

1. What was your favorite part of writing Eleganta?

The best part of writing Eleganta was simply listening to the fairies and goblins tell their story. Of course I had to translate it into English, and that was fun too. The fairies and goblins have a wonderful way of storytelling (when they're not arguing among themselves about what really happened). It was quite enjoyable to listen to them speak, and then to see the joy in their faces when they read my final version. They are just so happy to get their story out so the world may know of the amazing events that have happened to their kind.

2. Besides the fairies, what inspired you to write Eleganta?

I have always been a fan of fantastical and mysterious things. The world of creatures hiding in the shadow of humanity is vast and exciting. Many books, authors and film-makers are responsible for my love of fantasy. These range from Edgar Allan Poe, to C.S. Lewis, to Gregory Maguire, to Jim Henson, Tim Burton, and even David Bowie. Such books as The Phantom Tollbooth and the Sherlock Holmes stories have inspired me as well.

3. Are you currently working on the next Novel for Eleganta?

Yes. The fairies and goblins have started to tell me the next book. There is still so much to be told, and I can't wait to hear it myself so I can relay it to the world.

4. A fun question! What Characters personality do you think reflects your own the most?

Being a scientist as well as a writer, I have to say I relate very much to Aavix to the Chemist. His love of studying the workings of the natural world, as well as his somewhat odd personality, parallel my own strangeness. Although he can seem distracted and disconnected from the moment, he is still very much grounded in rational thought. He wants only to understand the intricacies of the world and all the creatures in it. This instills in him an ever growing respect and love for all of life, even for such bizarre creatures as fairies.

5. Is there anything else you would like to say about the book, future books or just to the readers in general?

I do hope Eleganta is not just a book, not just another fantasy read, but is an entire experience of its own. I hope readers will come to know and love the world of Fairykind, and will become forever connected with it as they learn how Fairykind became integrated into the world of humans. That is the true scope of the series; to show how such wonderful animals like fairies and goblins became known to humankind, and how many of our myths, legends, and stories originated.

Book 2 of the series, tentatively titled 'Violetta: A Fae in the House of the Fairies' is in production, though it will still be some time before it is finished. For now, I encourage readers to enjoy Eleganta, for it is a story that needs to be heard.

I would like to thank Denny for taking his time out to answer the questions,I appreciate it very much!
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    I think you will really like the book =)
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