Monday, January 25, 2010

House of .... Warcraft?

This was one of those -right time/right place- type of deals. I logged onto my World of Warcraft charactor (loveingly named Kallona, though with an extra L) and was in a major city when a guild ad came on the chat, it was for the guild " The Dark Daughters" i thought 'nah, has to be a coincidence' then i looked at the posters name. Zoeybird. WELL! i HAD to contact her, turns out she loves the series too and thats why she has the guild that name. Even the hierarchy in the guild is based on House of Night, i was a lowly human till i reached lvl 10 and became a fledgeling, then there is vampyre, fallen angel and high priestess (could be more inbetween).
Anyways, i had Zoey come and take a picture with another member, so here it is Zoeybird is on the left waving, Me, (Kallona) is in the middle and Trublood is on the right. (sorry, bad pic i know but you get the gist)

I find it funny, but also awesome that people have brought books and video games together in such a way. It makes it far easier to find someone who shares your interests (and hey, who thought us MMO geeks would like to read and not just kill things?)


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