Thursday, January 14, 2010

Title - Eleganta: A Novel of Fairykind
Author - Denny Swartzland
Genre - Young Adult / Fantasy

Eleganta follows the journey of Ethywyne Eleganta, a fairy who is the only one to have seeded a youngling in fourteen years. A darkness however wants her youngling, Lirratywne (Lira for short). When the dark ones and trolls, led by the General Sunderin descend upon her peaceful home of Bila Eutay it is up to Ethywyne and her guardian Weiyna to take Lira to the Queens Castle saftely.

Alright I will be completely honest, I only got this book on my kindle because it was one dollar. However, after reading Eleganta, I would have gladly paid more!
Eleganta may start off happy, but it quickly becomes a race for survival. The trolls are dead set on destroying the Fairy realms, led by the horrible Sunderin and the Dark Ones. Ethywyne starts off very pure, and well.. ends that way also but during her journey she grows, she gets stronger, braver, and I appreciate a heroine that is not a whiney brat and when the time comes, acts.
There are alot of neat places in Eleganta, I loved the descriptions, it was informative but it did not bore you with mundane details of every rock and tree. On Ethywynes journey she will travel to places such as the shineing, silvery, Sparkling Woods, the Pixie Glades and the muddy swamps that lie before the glades.
There are many who would help Ethywyne as well, besides Weiyna you will meet the actor Feolyn, the father of Aurellia Julay, the guardians of Aurellia Ayson and Rae and many more. Nymphs, Goblins, Fairy Eaters and grogs are a few of the mystical creatures presented to you as well.
Eleganta is said to be a young adults novel, and while true, anyone who enjoys fantasy will love this book. There is no sexual content, no swearing, the bloodshed is kept to a minimum (there are no decapitated heads or severed body parts!) The writing is fluid, clean and understandable. The emotions are conveyed beautifully and not overdone. This was truely a great read and I can only hope the next book in the Eleganta series comes out soon!

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    Eleganta sounds like quite the journey =]

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