Friday, January 8, 2010

Review - Deadtown

Title - Deadtown
Author - Nancy Holzner
Genre - Young Adult / Urban Paranormal
Victory Vaughn (Vicky for short) hunts demons, in what is known as Deadtown, a place where Bostons paranormal americans (PAs) live since a plague had spread and killed 2,000 humans, only to be risen into zombies 3 days afterwards. Vicky gets rid of a host of diffrent baddies, such as Harpys, Drudes and other demons. Vicky however, is not entirely human herself. she is Cerrdorion, a type of Welsh shapeshifter. This gives her an edge over the demons, she has more strength then a human and can shapeshift into any sentient being three times during the current moonphase. She is also Marked. What that means is she has been marked by a demon, The Destroyer (Difethwr) did this when she was 18, on her right arm. What this means is that when she experiences anger, she gets VERY angry and almost looses control of her right arm, if she does it would murder and destroy just like the demon who marked her does.
Deadtown is an original take on zombies, seeing them not as flesh-hungry monsters but as intelligent beings that can live peacefully (to an extent) with humans and otehr paranormal creatures, Tina, a teenage zombie shows us this as she becomes Vickys apprentence of sorts, learning how to slay demons. There are also other fun charactors such as Juliet, Vickys vampire roomate (and self-proclaimed Romeo and Juliets Juliet). Theres also Kane, Vickys kind-of werewolf vamprie attorny.
Deadtown is light, fun, but also has some dark and serious tones to it. If your looking for romance, this has a little bit, of course it is not without its innuendos and swearing, but that is a minimum and i am very glad that Holzner had not used a single f-bomb. The writing is fluid and clean, and when Vicky shapeshifts the writing changes, it is more primal and reflects how the shifted creature might think, its base instincts and thoughts shine through and dont seem human at all.
This was a very good book, and there is even going to be a sequal (i belive 3 books in all) which i am thrilled about! if you like paranormal creatures, kick-butt heroins, a little romance, and action. then Deadtown is for you!

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