Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Movie Review - AVATAR

Alright, I am not going to make this super long becuase you can check other more informative places on all the technical stuff that went into making this movie, but i will tell you is you NEED to see this in 3D! This movie is in a word, AWESOME! It has easily shot up to my favorite movie list. Don't think youll like how eveyrthing is in CG? well, you cant really tell, not easily, the ears twitch the movements when they breathe and everything is seamless, it flows wonderfully.
The storyline is great, Christians might scoff at how the Na'vi view their world (everythign is connected, earth, sky, creatures) It reminded me of how Native Americans think and that is very cool. The ending was a bit predictable but none-the-less moving. I cried, smiled, got angry, this movie was worth every penny that was spent on it. I can not say enought good things about it! there is no bad! I Don't buy DVDs, but this is one im rushing out to get when it comes out.
Go see it, cause you know its a great movie when everyone in the theatre claps!


  1. Breshiki said...
    OOOOO! I'll have to watch it then! Maybe I can catch it at one of the theaters down here!!!
    Lea said...
    I saw this in 3D! It was AWESOME! The visuals were just spectacular, right? Not too original plot-wise, but still amazing.
    LunaMoth said...
    yes amazing =) this little old lady next to me was CRYING! .. so was i and my stepmom lol!
    My dad even loves the movie (though he didnt cry) he loves scifi and i love fantasy and this mixed in both!

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