Thursday, December 31, 2009

Epic Book Survey

Thanks YA Highway for doing this, now lets see if i remember the books i read.. gonna need to get one of those Goodreads accounts this year!


•Most imaginative: The Blue Girl by Charles De Lint
•Funniest: Tithe by Holly Black

•Scariest: (i dont read scary books, not yet)
•Edgiest contemporary: (dont know XD)
•Creepiest SF/dystopia: (dont know )
•Most evocative historical: i dont read historical yet
•Best love story: Shadarii and Kohaku from A Whisper Of Wings, tradjic!

•Most hilarious: had to be in Tempted but i cant remember..
•Scariest: ??
•Most disturbing: The gutsucker demon description in Dreakdark Blackbringer
•Steamiest: *blushes* oh my! you caught me, i read an ero this year.. "My Wolf" the whole thing is steamy
•Most exciting: the fight scenes in The Ghost King by R.A Salvatore
•Biggest tear-jerker: The end of Tempted..
•Best plot twist/revelation (no spoilers!!) : again the end of Tempted
•Best couple: Corny and Luis in Ironside
•Who you'd want as your best friend: Rose Hathaway
•Who you fell in love with: Shadarii
•Worst (best?) villain: the DracoLich in The Ghost King
•Best character twist (who you loved, then hated, or vice versa): Tally in the Uglies series, loved her... then hated her!
•Best character names: Shadarii, Larka, Tupan, Surolf, Zukhora.. i could go on
•Worst character names: Lolli
•Favorite all-around kickass female: Zoey Redbird!
•Favorite all-around kickass male: Drizzt Do'Urden!


•Best book cover: ohh hard one.. The Sights
•Best title: ???
•Most memorable voice Hannah from 13 reasons why.

•Most memorable first line: ???
•Best setting: the demonweb pits in the War Of The SpiderQueen series.

•Most beautiful writing: hmm. couldnt tell yah, i find all writing beautful


•Will any of the books you've read in 2009 make your life list of Favorite Books?
A Whisper Of Wings by Paul Kidd DEFINATLY!


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