Monday, December 28, 2009

Title - The Uglies Series: Uglies, Pretties, Specials
Author - Scott Westerfeld
Genre - Young Adult
Grade - B-

The series is set in the future, 300 years after the 'rusties' (humans that live like us) nearly destroyed the world through a virus that effected oil and burst into flames, the virus could be spread by wind, it was airborne and destroyed whole cities. The current population exists all around the world but in specialy moniterd cities where a million people can live, they are closely moniterd by the pretty commitee and a secret orginization called Special circumstances (but most thinkt hey are a myth).
The story stars a 15 (progreses to 16) year old girl named Tally Youngblood. In uglies Tally is an ugly, a person who has not turned 16 and had the operation to turn you pretty.Uglies look like you and I, Pretties look liek the supermodels (though not as skinny) of today. Uglies live in uglyville, going to school and learning about the rusties and other things. when you turned pretty you go and live in New Pretty Town where the only thing you need to to is party.
Uglies follows Tallys journey to become pretty. Through circumstances she is forced to leave her home city in pursuit of her friend Shay and the elusive (and possibly non-existing city of The Smoke) I wont give much away so on to Pretties. without going deep into it, i will say i liked this book less then Uglies. The superfical pretty world was annoying and you'll see phrases like 'brain-missing', 'pretty-making' and 'bubbly' ALOT.
The third book i liked even less, not becuase of the action or anything, but by this time Tally has gotten really annoying, she goes from being nervouse ugly to annoying, and superior mided. The Uglies series though, has some pretty cool gadjects i wouldnt mind getting my hands on, who wouldnt want calorie purgers? little pills you take after a meal to kill the calories (and these actually work!). Toothbrush pills, hoverboards and wallscreens are some of the more fun items in Westerfelds world. Its not the best series out there, but its worth a read.


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