Friday, December 18, 2009

Title - A Whisper Of Wings
- Paul Kidd
Genre - Anthro/Fantasy
Review Grade - A
Description From the back of the book
Love. Hatred. War. Fury. Power. Majesty. An epic, shattering story of betrayal and vision of terror, pain and glory. It is a story that will stay with you forever.
The back of the book did not lie, I STILL think of this book even after its been months since I have read it. This book made me cry, laugh, and had me gritting my teeth in anger, agony and anticipation.
I will begin with the genre, it is an anthro fantasy book meaning all of the characters are animals, in this book they are bipedal foxes with butterfly wings who wear clothing, talk and walk on two legs using thier hands much like humans. In Paul Kidds world there is an energy called Isha which is taken from Ka or spirits as the super handy footnotes at the bottom of the pages will tell you as you read. One downside to the footnotes though is that the text starts higher up on the page then a normal book. The text however is very dark and easy to read. The story is mainly told from three diffrent views, The sisters Shadarii and Zhukora and the poor soilder Kotaru. Shadarii is whom i really loved, unlike all the other foxes she cannot talk, she must communicate through dance and movements. It is her who has the most connection with the Ka and isha fields. Zhukora her sister (and Zhukoras best friend Daimiru) offer up the 'evil' of the book, but, it was not until certain events happend that Zhukora turned from the peaceful life and strived for freedom from the branches.
Kotaru gets more solo time later in the book, he is also Shadariis love interest, he meets her out of a trap set by his king, he wanted Kotaru to play against Zhukoras Jiteng team and hopefully lose to them. Jiteng, for the most part is like Lacrosse but played in the air and MUCH more brutal, wings get snaped as well as spines and necks. There is plenty of blood shed and magic in this book, mystery, mayhem love and tradjedy abound! Oh and did i forget to mention the WONDERFUL art in the book? I did? Well, during your reading journey you will be provided visual images on certain pages depicting certain scenes in the book, all art is done by anthro artist Terrie Smith.
All in all this is one of my favorite books of all time, i really could not find much fault with it except for the wierd text placement. I doubt your local store would have this book so you would only be able to get it from online stores or Ebay, but it is worth it! It is also quite a long book so youll have plenty to read. Even if you are not a fan of or have ever heard of the genre Anthro, i couldnt think of a better book to start you off!


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