Wednesday, November 26, 2014

*Limited Edition* One Direction Makeup Kit

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Limited edition eyeshadow, nail polish, lipgloss and liner featuring the 5 guys of One Direction, the hottest boy band currently.

Available in stores Nationwide at:
Walmart Canada
Sears USA


Honestly, I have NO clue about One Direction or their music. I just know it is five guys in a boy band and they have TONS of followers, and that I enjoy makeup. I was also not expecting much from this since usually celebrity made or endorsed items are not so well made or hyped up so much that you can be easily disappointed.

Pleasantly I was pretty wrong. The One Direction makeup is quite well made and lasts longer than I imagined it would (I used an eye shadow base underneath the pigments) The colors are quite pretty and work well together, they are easy to blend even with the little sponge brush they give you. The eye shadows are easy to apply and feel very silky on, the color payoff is nice too and it does not fall everywhere like with some pressed colors.  The lip colors are also nice, though I find I will never use the brown color and the 'peachy' color is more of an over the top color or a shine instead of a tint. 

 Eyes: Nobody Compares (metallic silver), Same Mistakes (metallic mint), Everything About You (smokey black shimmer), I Want (true matte black liner to do my wings) Lips: Heart Attack (Creamy Rose), Irresistible (Shimmered Pearl) and Over Again (sparkle wand) 

At first i thought the clear tube was eye liner (a glitter liner) and I was pretty happy about that but upon closer inspection it is actually a lip wand to add a bit of sparkle/glitter to your lips. A nice touch but you will need to clean the wand after each use since the lip color under it will get on it and you do not want to mix colors (or DO  you? you rebel!) The eyeliner is a creamy texture and no so dark black as what you would get with a liquid liner, good for a beginner doing wings are eyeliner in general since it comes off easily with a q-tip and can be shaped the way you want it. 

I can not comment on the nail polish as I have no nails to speak of to apply it to but I do like the sparkle top coat they give to go over the kind of obnoxious pink. All in all it is a great little kit for any fan of One Direction, while the make up is not top notch (No MAC here!) at the price charged, it is a good deal. The colors all have cute names too so it was quite fun.


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