Friday, November 28, 2014

Book Review - The Dream Map

The Dream Map
Author - Jason Luthor
Genre - Fantasy YA
Pages - 242

Two Worlds. One Legend. 

 "I'm looking for maps of worlds that don't exist." 

 Max Douglas would rather find adventure in his books than put in any effort at school. So when a stranger named Geoff wanders into the bookstore and starts talking about other worlds, Max can't help but be interested. Following a strange accident during a science experiment gone wrong, Max finds himself tossed into a world torn straight from the pages of his wildest imagination. Accused of wizardry by local knights, forced into a voyage across stomach churning oceans and made to argue with unhelpful dragons, Max desperately seeks a weapon that can fight the true threat to this new world he finds himself in: The Sorcerer Ansgar. With the help of his genius scientist best friend Heidi, and a flame spewing princess named Katherine, Max just might pull it off.

For a YA indie fantasy, The Dream Map was quite enjoyable. It tells the story of Max, a gawky teenager who is magically transported to another world by accident and his adventures helping rid the other world of an evil menace. While the story is kind of generic, the characters were really alive and colorful. I liked Max and how akward he was and his friend Heidi who was just all sorts of bad-ass. Kate, the princess, was not your typical princess either, she was a warrioress who cared deeply for her people and would do anything to make sure they were safe. 

 There were points where some things could have been explained better and some parts that could have been edited better, I occasionaly came across some typos and had to re-read the sentances before it to figure out what the person was trying to say. The world building was nice and you got the general sence of what was what without going into over-detail about it. 

 Fantasy adventure usually has some romance right? no romance here! no love triangles or wobbly teen angst.. It was chaste and simply a good for you YA novel. Dragons, magic, technology and friendship.. there is a lot of happy and good going on for this book and it makes a great splash in the community of YA fiction


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