Saturday, November 8, 2014

Author - Ted Mackinnon
Genre - Anthro Fantasy
Series - Iron Claw #1
Pages - 128

Danica knows bounty hunters don't have it easy. So when an simple job with promises of great rewards comes along, she has her misgivings. It's simply too good to be true. But the opportunity is impossible to refuse - even when she learns that her quarry is in her old home town of Triskellian, a city where old ghosts and buried memories call to her from the shadows.

Her past is not the only danger Danica must face. The once-powerful city-state of Triskellian is splintered by political upheaval. The brutal slaughter of the ruling family of foxes forces everyone, friend and foe alike, into a frantic search for the sole survivor and heir, Fabrizio.

 With the city in chaos, Danica's 'easy job' suddenly turns deadly. Finding her prey isn't so simple, when every clue drags her further into the political tangle. As she slips ever deeper into Triskellian's troubled present, her own past refuses to stay buried, and Danica learns that honor, once lost, could well prove impossible to regain.

Scars is one of those novels that you either love it or you hate it, fortunately i loved it.

 Danica is a bounty hunter with a sordid past. Her newest hunt takes her and her friend Tucker the racoon bandit on a wild chase after a slippery quarry. 

 Danica was a great character, being a red fox she is lower on heirarchy than a grey fox but that does not matter to her much. She knows who she is and she does not let that stop her from doing her job. She is tough as nails, hard and sometimes witty. She does grow throughout the book though and I liked how she did. 

 Tucker and Delaney are two of her only friends (I think she has four?) but they add a quality to the novel that makes it quite charming and I did love Tucker, he was spunky and vivacious. His little crush on Danica is super cute and I love how he would do anything for her, even thinking about getting into the bounty hunter business himself. 

 There was not too much action in this book, no romance either but what was there was so well done that I wanted it to last longer! While it did take me a while to get into the book (it looks thin but the text is quite small) It did get better and it really sucked me in. The hidden plots, the relationships, the nicely rounded characters were all put together so nicely. The images throughout the book also added a nice touch, at key points int he book you are gifted with a cute image depicting that scene. It helps give an overal sense of what the characters look like. 

 The other characters (Rizio and Malik..) add drama and a certain emotion to the book as well. 

 If you enjoy Anthro fantasy books, or fantasy in general and can get past the fact all the characters are animals (i know some people can't) then i think you will enjoy this book!


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