Saturday, December 29, 2012

Review - Kings Man and Thief

King's Man and Thief
Author - Christie Golden
Genre - Fantasy
Pages - 336

Description from Goodreads

 Lord Deveren Larath joined the thieves of Braedon thinking to expose a killer. Seven years later, he is now their leader, known among them as "Fox." No sooner have the elections been held than Deveren's brother, Damir, ambassador and master spy, comes to Braedon with dire news. The young king of the neighboring country has been imprisoned by his own counselor, and Damir fears war with Byrn is in the wind.

 While Damir embarks on a desperate attempt to rescue the young king, "Fox" must deal with troubles closer to home--attempted murder, treachery, and most frightening of all, a dreadful curse that could claim Braedon and perhaps even all of Byrn.

Only the gods--and maybe the reluctant thief leader Fox --can stop it...

Murder, thieves, intrigue, twisty plots and magic oh my! King’s Man and Thief was just what I needed in my time of book slump sadness.

You may or may not know Christie Golden from her works on the World of Warcraft novels, but to say that she spins an interesting tale is an understatement, her use of emotions is spectacular and a few times I found myself misty eyed, especially towards the end of the novel. 

Deveren (The Fox) is a fabulous main character. His heartbreaking entrance into the book has you hooked from the get go and you will love his trials and adventures throughout the book. He is kind, quick and has determination, a great man to root for. Our antagonist Marrika is also a terrific character, I really felt her jealousy, her anger and lust for revenge. The other characters, little Allika for example are well fleshed out and rounded, she is so cute but efficient and cunning. Needless to say I loved all the characters, even the evil ones because of the way they are portrayed and the expert use of prose you really come to feel them. 

The magic and world building were a bit lacking but good overall, the intrigue and plot twists are what make the book un put-down able! Every time I set it down I found myself picking it back up five minutes later. “Just one more chapter” became my mantra. I would have finished this book in a day if that pesky little thing called sleep didn’t interfere. Oh! And that twist at the end! I did not see it coming and usually I am very good at figuring out the ending way before it happens.

 Can you tell I love, love, LOVED this book? When I finished I swear little naked baby angels flew over my head playing harps. I think the one last thing I can possibly say is: Please Christie, can I have some more? 


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