Saturday, December 15, 2012

Review - Dragon Champion

Dragon Champion
Author - E. E. Knight
Series - Age of Fire #1
Genre - Anthropomorphic Fantasy
Pages - 384

Description from Goodreads

 Knight's fantasy debut concerns a rare, scaleless gray dragon named Auron. Born high in a mountain cave, he witnesses the slaughter of his parents at the hands of a band of dwarves and eventually matures into the last hope for the survival of his kind. Once above ground, Auron learns quickly just how dangerous it is to be a dragon. With dwarves, elves, and humans relentlessly hunting him, Auron finds friendship in the most unlikely of places -- but the young dragon's quest to find others of his kind may not lead him to the answers he hopes to find.
Dragon champion follows the story of Auron, a young dragon who came into the world fighting. I loved that the book was told through the eyes of the dragon Auron, it was refreshing and dynamic. The world and dragon culture/traditions were fascinating and it made the book very special. 
 Auron has many heartbreaks and many triumphs in the book, he learns and adapts and grows throughout the story. His character was intense and likable. He was smart, resourceful and made quite a few friends, I loved his time with the wolves and with the dwarf Djar. 
The beginning and the end of the book were really interesting, it tends to taper in the middle but it still is good even if a bit laggy. I think the biggest problem I had with this book was that there was hardly any action throughout it, there are spurts of fighting here and there but they are short and are not too descriptive.
 If you are looking for a unique take on dragon books, or book in general and you are a fan of anthropomorphic literature then I think you will enjoy Dragon Champion if not the whole series which spans 6 books I believe.

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  1. Dazzling Mage said...
    Interesting that it's told from a dragon's point of view! I'm wondering how it will span to 6 books though.

    Nice review!

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