Saturday, December 8, 2012

Review - Viper Moon

Viper Moon
Author - Lee Roland
Series - Earth Witches #1
Genre - Urban Paranormal
Pages - 332

Description From Goodreads

 Cassandra Archer is the Huntress. She has faithfully served the Earth Mother for years, rescuing kidnapped children from monsters-both human and supernatural-dwelling in the ruins of the Barrows District. But when two children are kidnapped under similar circumstances, all clues point to a cataclysmic event on the next dark moon. Now Cass must race against the clock and prevent a sacrifice that could destroy the entire town.

For the first in a series this book is pretty good. Usually the first book sets up the world and the magic system (if there is one) and skips the characterization or skimps on it, same with story. Viper Moon however did not do that.

 Cassandra is a Earth Witch (okay so it never really says that, she is called Huntress but the series name is Earth Witches so I assume that’s what she really is, I could be off base here) Anyways, she has been given powers by The Mother and tracks down children that go into the Barrows, a place that normal people can not see beyond a certain point. It is also a place children defiantly do not belong, there are gangs, monsters and all sorts of nasties just waiting to corrupt and/or kill them.

 Cassie is given a certain child to find (two actuall) that leads her into the Barrows and into some sticky situations, explosions, crime lords, beautiful angelic-looking guys and a kick-butt cop are a few things she encounters. She also has a very cool little menagerie of pets, 2 snakes and a very disgruntled cat who all seem to be smarter than your average animals.

The characters were good, they all played their roles and fit their personas well. Cassie was strong, vulnerable, witty and proud, I liked her. The others were good as well, even the snakes and cat had personality. What I did not like? Insta-love.. yup, Viper Moon has it. I can’t stand it, although it was not a deal breaker, it was certainly not my favorite part, in fact it was my least. But oh well. Viper Moon is a great book non-the-less and I hope to read the second book soon. Watch the kiddies with this one though, there are moments of F-bombs, and some sex scenes.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    I have trouble with insta-love unless I am reading a cheesy romance and expect it, but overall, this seems like a decent read. Thanks for your review.

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