Saturday, July 9, 2011

Do you take notes?

When I first decided to blog about books and review them I used the 'read first, then write the review from memory' option. Thus, I forgot most of what I read and since I had a Kindle it was terribly hard to go back and read sections over.

Then I discovered my Kindles note-taking abilities, thrilled I used that when I was away from the house, however I also found this a bit lacking as I sometimes got too lazy to want to use the Kindles keyboard and I would revert back to option #1.

So what was a girl to do?

I found my answer in a little notebook that fits in my messenger bag and next to my laptop or my book/kindle anywhere in the house.

Nightmare Before Christmas WIN!

So now I take notes whenever I can and I find it very useful. If only i could take somewhat organized notes, usually I scribble and doodle or write so messily I can't read it afterwards!

This is neat, other pages... not so much.

So do you take notes? What are your methods? Or are you a good memorizer, able to recall notes off the top of your head? I am curious! Of all the things I noticed in my time as a blogger, effective note taking and organization (of which im terrible at) are a huge help in keeping me up to date and on top of things.


  1. Sarah said...
    I really should take notes. I find that if I read a few books before writing the review, I forget what I what to say. I also tend to compose my review in my head while putting my son to bed and then if I don't write it right away, I lose it.
    Jessica ( frellathon ) said...
    I tend to use scrap paper for book marks so from time to time if something comes up that I want to mention in my review then I'll write it down however no I'm not a note taker. But I really should be as with Sarah I start the review in my head but then it goes away. All the more reason to take notes.

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