Saturday, January 8, 2011

Title - Jimmy Stone's Ghost Town
Author - Scott Neumyer
Genre - YA/Paranormal
Pages - (unknown only ebook format)
Format Read - Ebook
Obtained - From Author for Review

Description - from goodreads

For Jimmy Stone, life in "Boredsylvania" has been pretty tough. His mom's died, his dad's completely checked out, and he spends his days running from the Coogan Boys, the local bullies. It isn't long, however, before "Boredsylvania" gets a lot more exciting. With his new friend, David and his dog, Trex, by his side, Jimmy discovers that the woods beyond his backyard hold the key to a world he could never even imagine. Soon, he ends up in Ghost Town, where he’s greeted by his ghost guide, Gasp, and receives an ominous prophecy.

“Seven things you must find.
One thing for each day.
Seven things you must find.
Or else they all will pay!

Suddenly Ghost Town becomes as scary as it sounds, and Jimmy Stone realizes that he's in way over his head


Jimmy Stone's Ghost Town is an enjoyable book. What i thought was going to be another YA ghost story turned out to be a fun, humorful, fantasy/paranormal adventure. Jimmy Stone starts off with a devastating blow to young Jimmys life that changes his world forever. Left in a house with a drunk for a dad, his only friend his loyal dog Trex and recently the prime target of Billy Coogan the schools bully nothing seems to be right in his world. That is, until he meets David and for the first time has a human friend, one that will go with him to worlds beyond imagination. The book only focuses on one of the worlds (Ghost Town) but the next book is sure to feature another.

Though it is a light read and dosn't take itself too seriously there is a bit of swearing in it but this can be overlooked if you want to try to. Jimmy and David are both the kinds of kids you would want your own kids around. Smart, resourcful and kind they are great characters to root for. Trex is probably the most loyal and smart dog ive come across in books and the ghost Gasp is very fun and a great addition tot he storyline.

I recommend this book to anyone with a kindle or kindle app on one of thier devices or computer, not only does it deal with heavy life issues but it also teaches and makes us appreciate what we have. My only complaint is that the second book is not out yet.


  1. Maria Behar said...
    Hi, there! What a nice review!! I'll have to check out this book.

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    Maria Behar said...
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment! And you're more than welcome for the award! =D
    Brenda said...
    I read this book as well and loved it. Jimmy and Trex's story really stuck with me. I think this looks like a very promising series!

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