Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Review - Dhampir

Title - Dhampir
Author - Barb Hendee
Genre - Paranormal/Fantasy
Pages - 384

Description (from goodreads)

Magiere has earned a reputation as the most formidable vampire slayer in the land. Villagers far and wide welcome her with both awe and disdain, grateful to her for ridding their towns of the undead menace, but finding themselves made poorer for their salvation. Magiere has always known she's dealing with simple folk who only wish to have their superstitions silenced, and she's never seen anything wrong with exploiting them for profit.

Now, tired of the game, Magiere and her partner, the half-elf Leesil, are ready to hang up their weapons and settle down in a place they can finally call home. But their new found peace will not last. For Magiere has come to the attention of a trio of powerful and dangerous vampires who recognize her true identity — even if she does not — and who fear the birthright that flows through her veins. And they will stop at nothing to keep Magiere from fulfilling her destiny


Magiere is a vampire slayer..sort of. Actually she just plays one as her partner, the half elf Leesil plays the part of the vampire. Both of them go from town to town using the villagers superstitions against them to fill thier pockets with coin. However Magiere is sick of the game and wants to start a new life, little does she know how hard that will be.

I enjoyed Dhampire very much. At the beginning Magiere was cold and annooyed me a bit with her callousness but after a bit she grew on me, she is not as hard as she wants people to think she is and she is really a good person. Leesil her partner personifies the 'fun side-kick' stereotype well, although he does have a dark past that i do want to learn m ore about. Then theres Chap, dear chap who is about the most loyal dog you could find, hes brave and loyal and helps the two wanderers fight against the Noble Undead (vampries)

The vampires in this book are not the bloodthirsty evil vampries you read about in other books, with the exception of Parko but he does not last long enough to be considered a true bad guy in this book. Each of the vampires: Rashed, Teesha and Ratboy have thier own motives and reasons for staying in town and for doing what they do during the book. Then there is poor Edwan, the ghostly husband of Teesha who was unjustly killed by Rasheds lord, I liked how in the end Edwan got some semblence of vengeance but it was also a sad moment as well.

The book flowed very nicely and there were hardly any akward moments in writing or places where you started scratching your head. I would very much recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a bit of fantasy, paranormal, humor and action. Best part of the book? NO swearing  and NO sex! Its a good, clean read for adult and teen readers alike.


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