Saturday, April 4, 2015

Wonka Randoms Review

Randoms Gummies

Maker - Wonka

Product Type - Food/Candy

Where to buy - Official Wonka Site


Wonka Randoms are fun gummies with endless possibilities. One bag can contain hundreds of combinations of shapes, textures and flavors.

I ate A LOT of these when I got them, perhaps too many, they were gone in 2 days! I recieved these free from Smiley360 to review and I am glad I did. These are a typical gummy flavor, you have your grapes and lemons and berry. The fun part is the shapes. And textures. I was picking out orange puppies alongside green trumpets and red monkeys. 

Some of the shapes are reacurring as I got about six puppies in my bag but that was fine, there are so many shapes who is really counting right? The ones I REALLY liked had the white bottoms, not only was it a denser texture but some had a juicy goopy center (like gushers) and added a different mouth and tongue feel than the regular gummies. These are not the healthiest candies for you so remember to watch how many you eat (or not, it is your choice) but I am sure they will be enjoyed by many young and old.

Note - I recieved this item in exchange for an honest review


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