Wednesday, April 22, 2015

PawStruck Dog Chews Review


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PawStruck offers your dog a wide variety of Natural chews and treats from bully sticks in round shapes, cow ears, pig ears, and even leanit butter stuffed bones. Whatever you choose your dog will be overjoyed to have it.


I recieved five of Pawstrucks treats for my dog Panda and while she loved some, some of them were not for her. 

One that she really did not care for was the cow hoof. She really just carted it around with her but never chewed it. She still has it and takes it with her everywhere so perhaps she thinks of it as a friend or chaperone perhaps. I just know this hard hoof was not one she enjoyed for chewing.

The white cow ear she really enjoyed and was chewing on it for quite a while. My pup has two teeth missing but that did not stoo her from getting all the delicious ear in her belly! She still has a little nubby bit of this on the bes, saving it for a midnight snack i presume.

She also loved this round bully stick. Nothing cuter than seeing her stick her nose through it, her whole head almost fits! She is currently working on this one and i enjoy the round shape, its a challenge for her and keeps her entertained. I also enjoy that it does not smell horrid like some bully sticks i have come across. 

The other bully stick I recieved was a spiral like shape. I had to toss this, thus the lack of picture. Panda liked it just fine and was happy to chew it however, at one point she choked on it and couldnt seem to NOT choke on it after a while.. I think the shape just did not agree with her enthusiasm. As i said she enjoyed it but i do not think this was the right chew for her

The last chew I got was a pigs ear. I have not known a dog to not love a pig ear. She tore into this and ate the entire thing in one go. My dog is small but she determined to finish it and she did! She also left little pig ear shards all over my bed and did not deign to pick them up so i would say just be prepared with the hand vac after giving this to your dog. 

Although Panda did have some trouble with a few of these I think the majority were very much enjoyed and appreciated. All natural treats are hard to come by, and usually they are not fun or entertaining much so i think PawStruck is doing a great job. 

Note - I recieved this item in exchange for an honest review.


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