Sunday, April 19, 2015

Madoka Magica Case

Maker - Case88 Designs

Product Type - Hard case/LG G3

Where to Buy - Madoka Version

Price - $9.99

Case88 designs is an Amazon store that sells cases for your phone needs. Whether you have Motorola, Samsung, Sprint or another phone Case88 has you covered. Some designs include Hello Kitty, Pokemon, Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball Z and many more from your favorite Animes and other fandoms.


I have never had the opportunity to get a new case or plate for my cellphone since mine was so old they stopped making them. When i got my new Samsung Lg G3 I knew I wanted something more than the default slate grey back. 

Thus I shopped around and happened across the Madoka Magica case from Case88 Designs, I am a big anime fan but also a fan of the darker side of things so this case really fit me, it also helps that it was an anime I was also watching at the time and loved. 

My case arrived in about 2 weeks and in pristine condition. It was easy to snap onto the back of my phone and fit snugly but not too tight. The sides of the case come up over the phone a bit and curve inwards, I like this because it adds extra protection; the case hits the ground or surface first all around.

The design is extremly pretty and has a glossy effect to it. It is difficult to scratch in the convententional ways (fingernails, purse contents). I have dropped my phone many times since getting this (I am rather klutzy) and it still looks great! I can use all my buttons easily and its a great conversation starter. I really love this case and since it is so easy to take off I may have to get more for my different moods!

Note - I recieved this item in exchange for an honest review.


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