Thursday, April 2, 2015

Total Revitalization Kits (Aloe + vitamin C)

Maker - Absolute!

Product Type - Beauty/Spa

Unwind and rediscover radiant youthful skin with the Total Revitalization Kit by Absolute! Skincare. Formulated with natural moisturizers and soothing botanicals, Absolute! skincare nourishes and hydrates for a luminous, healthy-looking complexion.

Kits include: 

2 pcs. Brightening mask 16 cts. 

Cooling eye pad 20 cts. 

Make up cleansing tissue

Both of these kits are wonderful, easy, no mess ways to calm you and unwind. The kits come with all you need and you dont need anything extra. Well, perhaps some good music to losten while you relax! 

I would like to address each kits smell first since the items are the same. The aloe one smells very green and fresh, with a hint of coolness, like rain and plants. This one i feel is more relaxing because it is so clean smelling. The vitamin C one smells like oranges of course but it also smells more complex than that. It is a bright, sweet, upbeat kind of scent that just lifts your mood and makes you smile.

Now, the makeup wipes we all know and love (If you do makeup) these are thick, soft wipes that take my foundation and eyeshadow off with little effort. They are also rather pliant so you can stretch them if need be. If you are using them alone and not with the face mask then you will need to moisturize afterwards as they can be drying to your skin. 

The little eye pads that come in these kits are fun. They were a bit big around my eyes but i guess they have to fit many different shapes and sizes being one size. They stay on well and really brighten up the eyes, dark circles appear lighter and really who dosn't live to just lay down and rest thier eyes for 10 minutes? I really enjoy that they come in a resealable bag with liquid in it so they do not dry out or fall out.

The real star here is the mask though. Not only are they soothing but moisturizing as well. You get two in each kit, enough for 2 weeks or one every two weeks depending on how much you need them. When you open the bag I do caution you; these are WET! They have a lot of liquid inside them to ensure the mask stays hydrated and that your skin recieves ample moisture. So once you unfold the mask you simply place it on your face, depending on your face size and shape it may be a bit big or small. Just smooth it out as far as you can up along your hairline and down your neck then sit back and wait for 15-20 minutes. I recommend a book. After it is time all you do is take the mask off and throw it out then rub wherever there is product into your skin. Done! This hydrates wonderfully and left my skin cool and refeshed as well as smooth. I felt invigorated with these masks and felt like i could breath deep and just be calm. Either mask kit you get you are going to enjoy the skin benefits as well as the calmness of your mind.

Note - i recieved this product in exchange for an honest review.


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