Saturday, April 11, 2015

Click Roast Deliver Review

Click Roast Deliver


Click Roast Deliver offers many different coffee options straight to your door! You can get light roast or dark, espresso or regular roast, drip brew or whole bean and much more.

My coffee came to my door very quickly, they use priority mail and depending on how much coffee you get and if they are from different roasters your shipping cost will vary but my two coffee bags were around $6 for shipping. 

I chose Tangletown a "light berry noye with milk chocolate" coffee and it really actually looks like milk chocolate when the beans are ground down. The smell like all coffee to me was earthy and bitter, the beans were a bit smokey as well leaving a sort of tabacco scent on my fingers. Perfect to munch though, they are not too bitter. The nrewed coffee itself does have notes of sweet berry and mellow chocolate, it is a dark colored brew for being a light roast. Not my favorite blend actually I think just the all around combination is off and would be better served elsewhere. 

The other coffee I got was Gusto Crema a mild to medium sweet coffee with italian flavors. Now, I am not that big of a coffee conniseur to know what italian flavor profiles are but this is a delicious light amber coffee! I got this in drip form anotand it is a very mild flavor with hardly and bitterness and a sweet finish. Pairs perfectly with some cream and sugar or cashew milk and vanilla protein powder. A smooth finish and no off aftertaste is what really gets me to love this. Definatly my favorite one.

If you are interested in a variety of coffees but do not want to go to the store i highly recommend Click Roast Deliver. Organic, fair trade and specialty coffees.. How can you go wrong? 

Note - I recieved this product in exchange for an honest review


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