Thursday, May 5, 2011

Review - The Vampire Way

Author - Derek Clendening
Genre - YA/Paranormal
Pages - 178
ISBN - 098296658X

Eighteen year old Rick Thompson is a marked man. When Damien Masonite comes to his school, he knows something is up. And when his friends start falling to vampire attacks, he knows that he and his girlfriend Laura are next. The quest to understand immortality, true love and undying friendship compromise his safety even more. Can he keep his best friends, his true love and keep his mortal life?

I didnt know if i would enjoy this book, but i was pleasantly suprised! the story is told from the POV of 5 teens as they struggle with everyday life from love to dreams. the story was well written and fluid.

The integration of vampires was slow and they are not the main focus of the story, sure near the end they are more prominant but its mostly about the teens and thier drama, the vampires just add spice to it. Our main characters are Damien, the vampire. Rick, Laura, Tracy, John and Bobby, the teens.

They all had thier own personalities and troubles, I liked Ricks enthusiasm for writing and horror, and I really liked Bobbys character. The others were a bit stiff for me, John is your typical musclehead jock and Tracy your typical beautiful girl dating the jock. Laura was Ricks long-time love who moved back to town and of course they start going out.. of course.

The real drama starts when tragidy befalls one of the teens. This is where the story picks up (about halfway in) Although its apparent who the 'killer' is, its still interesting to see what happens next. I really could not put this book down and i finished it in a day. The near end was sad, and then the very end was sweet, sprinkled with humor Im sure many would enjoy The Vampire Way and all it has to offer


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