Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Misfit of Supernatural High
Author - Shawn C. Sproatt
Genre - YA/paranormal
Pages - Unknown

15-year-old Wanda Windsor is not the most popular student at Hecate High. In fact, amongst her fellow witches, the fairies, the shifters, the vampires, and the werewolves, she's one of the least popular students. However, she never thought anyone hated her enough to try attack her. During her sophomore year someone uses mind control on other students to force them to hurt Wanda, and she manages to just barely escape each attack. Wanda isn't sure who would want to hurt her, but she's fairly certain it has to do with the introverted new student who has visions of the future.

When she isn't dodging death, Wanda spends her time trying to pass Geometry, avoiding (unsuccessfully) the subject of boys, and getting into mischief with her friends

Ever felt like an outcast in your own family, like everything you did embarrased or disgraced your parents even if you weren't trying to?

Thats kind of how Wanda feels. Wanda is a witch, and even though shes quite good at spells she ends up having little mistakes that make her life with family a bit rough. (her sister Laurie does not help any either!) Good thing she has Supernatural High! A place for Witches, werewolves, vampires and shifters to be themselves and learn.

But something is wrong, after a scary incident at the grocery store involving an Ogre and a near death expiernce, plus the strange happenings at school Wanda cant shake the feeling that someone is out to get her...

The story is the usual paranormal fare, girl goes to high school and deals with school stuff and danger. However, the book is very, very charming. It has wit, wholesome fun and a touch of action and mystery (If i had to guess the bad person, the person was the last on my list, not even on it really!) Wanda and her friends, Alec the werewolf, Dean the vampire Ari the faerie and one very special vampire, are all thier own person and i really cared for all of them, none of them i found annoying or lacking in charisma or personality. They were really true friends, and they each had thier own problems as well, quite well-rounded.

The misfit of supernatural high is a bit of a long book, the author probably could have told the story with a shorter page count, but honestly it was so indulgent that i did not ever really notice the page count, i zoomed through the book because i could not stop reading!


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