Saturday, May 7, 2011

Review - Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday To Me
Author - Brian Rowe
Genre - YA
Pages - 316
ASN - B004VF69C8

Seventeen-year-old Cameron Martin has a huge problem: he’s aging a whole year of his life with each passing day!

High school is hard enough; imagine rapidly aging from seventeen to seventy in a matter of weeks, with no logical explanation, and with prom, graduation, and the state championship basketball game all on the horizon. That’s what happens to Cameron, a popular pretty boy who's never had to face a day looking anything but perfect.

All Cameron wants to do is go back to normal, but no one, not even the best doctors, can diagnose his condition. When he finds love with a mysterious young woman, however, he realizes his only hope for survival might be with the one person who started his condition in the first place...

Cameron is the normal, all-star baseball player, hes cute and has the perfect gorgeous girlfriend, good friends and a great life. However, hes a jerk. One day he tests the bonds of his jerkness and angers a young lady at his favorite eatery. The next day, everything changes.

Cameron gains one year of life, for every day he lives. At first hes excited about it, he is finally growing a beard and becoming a man (so his girlfriend will sleep with him, thats right.. it does not get much deeper than that.) However, not everything is going according to plan, eventually he gets older, and everyone starts to avoid him. Realization sets in that not everything you wish for is what you really want.

The story was an interesting take on 'coming of age' and the characters were likeable, especialy Wesley, I think i grew to like him the most. Cameron was a 'grow on me' character and so was Liesel but they had thier own charms. His girlfriend Charisma however, she was a diffrent kind of snobby and annoying. I did not like her, Cameron achieves her goal for him and she STILL ignores him, then she ends up kissing Wesley, gets back with her ex then leaves him for her own selfish desires... i loved hateing her.

Happy Birthday to Me is a short read that adds uniqueness and i am interested to see what else Rowe has in store!

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  1. Moonlight Gleam said...
    Awesome review! I received this one for review as well and now I cannot wait to read it! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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