Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Nine Lives of Cloe King is ABCFamilys newest show
                  So to my suprise I was asked to help get the word out about it...

This morning the lovely FedEx truck dropped off a box to me, what could be inside I wonder? And whats with those odd markings?

What strange items! They will help me on my journey into the world of the Mai, and you can play too at:

just click the Start Playing Now button.
You can win a great grand prize, either way your going to get to have fun learning more about the Mai and the show.
Don't forget the show also premiers on June 14th! 

Want a Sneak Peak? Check this out:


If you go to abcfamily.com/ninepaths you will also notice on the left they are giving away super cute circle charms. Want one? Of course you do!
But.. oh no! you need a code word!
I have it! and im giving it to you! enter the word Circle.

Enjoy and make sure you play and watch the show, I just know its going to be great!


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