Thursday, October 16, 2014

Review- Walmart Beauty Box

Walmart Beauty Box

What it is - A subscription box from Walmart containing beauty essentials

Occurrence - every 90 days

Price - $5.00


First off $5.00 for a box like this is awesome! For someone who doesn't have a Walmart near them or can't get out of the house much like me the convenience of this is great, even if it is a crap shoot for what you get every 90 days. Overall though I am happy with it. It took about 2 weeks to get to me which was nothing at all, it may even have taken less time I am not sure. 

Niki Minaj "Pink Friday" perfume vial

When I saw this I instantly thought "I don't want to smell fake" However I gave it a try, I was pleasantly surprised! The smell is strong in the vial (which is taller than a normal sample vial from indie companies) but on my skin it lightens down and becomes a light scent. Not that it smells much different from any other celebrity perfume I have tried but it is nice for what it is and the sample vial will last me a while. 

Dove advanced hair series oxygen moisture shampoo and conditioner

I will not use these, I don't change my hair routine much since my hair is very thin I need special shampoo and conditioner to make it look somewhat good. 

Loreal glossy lip balm in Lovely Mocha

I will NEVER open this or wear a color like this, it does not match my skin tone at all. While it may be a pretty color for someone who is tan or of darker skin, my pale skin would just make it look off. 

Dove pure care dry oil for hair

My hair is greasy enough as it is and again, hair product.. though I can see the benefit of this for those who have dry hair or want more shine. 

Covergirl glowing nights glosstini in color LaserLight

This is so cute! I adore polish and was happy to have this. I am not sure what color they were going for though.. its like a light black.. dark blue? essentially its a shiny black color instead of a matte but its not as 'black' as some can be, if that makes any sense! I have it on my nails now though and I love it. The application is smooth and easy, no clumps or tackiness and drys quickly The size is perfect for sampling and will last a few times use. 

Neutrogena nourishing long wear makeup

I will stick with my revlon colorstay. I do not wear foundation that often anyways, but this is a nice paper to figure out what color you would be (I am easy to figure out.. the lightest one there is!)

Secret clinical strength deodorant in Completely Clean

I figure this is my 'grail get' for this box. I am SO happy to get deodorant, it amazed me that i got such a large sample. The scent isn't baby powdery, of which I am so happy. This is what i say when i talk about convenience, a good sized deodorant will last a few weeks at least depending on how much and how often you apply. This made the box worth it for me. 

So there you go! there is the first Walmart Beauty Box I got (I must say I bought this with my own money, I was not reimbursed for this)  I find it to be a great value and if you want to try it out I figure you will as well. 


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