Thursday, January 17, 2013

With us today is Liesel Hill author of Persistence of Vision the first book in the Interchron series.

Good morning! I’m so excited to be here! Thank you so much to Jessica for hosting me at Far From Reality. While trying to decide on a topic, I noticed that Far From Reality has a page about mythical creatures. Well, my book doesn’t really have any mythical creatures, but it does have some unique baddies that aren’t exactly real world. I thought I’d talk about them and my journey to create them.

 While the true “bad guys” of the story are the collective at large, and an intangible presence we’re only vaguely introduced to in Book 1 who calls himself B, the most obvious villains in Persistence of Vision are the Arachnimen. 

 I tried to think of the things that scare the most people to the greatest extent. What I came up with was clowns and spiders. Well, clowns were kind of out. Just didn’t fit the story. (Besides I was writing a screenplay at the same time that dealt with killer clowns, so…) So I went with spiders. I gave the bad guys a spider’s web tattoo over one of their eyes. The center of the web should be right over the orb of their eye. (The cover picture is slightly off. It also made them kinda cute, where in the book I describe them as kind of greasy and gross, but it makes for a prettier cover, right?) 

I also gave them aggression, neurochemical powers, and tons of intimidation. But it doesn’t end there! There’s actually a “Bad-Guy Hierarchy.” Arachnimen are just the lowest on the totem pole. They’re the mindless goons. A notch up from them are Trepids (from the word trepidation). They are bigger, scarier, more powerful, and just plain nastier. I strong believe in having levels of evil in a serialized story. That way, the stakes can always rise. 

The real question you need to be asking yourself by the end of the novel is, Is there a third, higher tier? Hmmm. Wouldn’t that be interesting. ;D 

Happy Thursday, Everyone! What’s life without a little danger that needs its butt kicked every now and again? 

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