Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Review - The Stepsister Scheme

Title - The Stepsister Scheme
 Author - Jim C. Hines
Genre - Fiction/Fantasy
Pages - 352
Challenge - Non YA book challenge
Format Read - Ebook

The stepsister Scheme tells the tale of Danielle (or more known as Cinderella) and what happens after the happily ever after.
Its not so happy.

Danielles prince (Armand) has been captured by her two evil stepsisters (Charlotte and Stacia) and now Danielle must go and get him back, with the help of Snow (Snow White) and Talia (Sleeping Beauty), they will travel into Fairytown in hopes of getting him back. They meet a slew of magical creatures, a furry troll, a gnome, some pixies and Aviars (think pegasus).

The story was really fun, and i liked how the author changed the princesses from disney, to kick butt. there is romance, action, sillyness and lighthearted adventure to this book and i loved it. The enviroments were well thought out and the way they are described is not humdrum nor does Hines take up two pages telling us about a certain hill or tree.

The charactors is where the story really shines. Danielle was a slave girl turned princess and she is still struggling with the transition, this makes her very charming and likable. She grows up throughout the book and i was delighted to see her turn into a strong charactor. Thalia, my personal favorite is the warrior princess of this tale, she is strong, great with a menagiere of weapons and determined. She also has a soft side, and she is not infalliable with her weakness for heights. Snow is the Sorcress and the flirt, she is also said to be the most beautiful of the group. Her magic is a great asset to the group and she is a fun charactor that i also really liked. The villians (Charlotte and Stacia) are good and believable, though sometimes you would get frustrated with them, but thats what villians are for!

This is a delightful short read and i hope the next two in the series are just as good.


  1. Caroline (Bon Bons and Reveries) said...
    This looks like so much fun! Great Review.
    Escapist said...
    I've got this on my wishlist! I wish they had it at the library though lol. Thanks for the review...I will be subscribing. :)

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