Saturday, December 4, 2010

review - Catching Fire

Title - Catching Fire (Hunger Games book 2)
Author - Suzanne Collins
Genre - YA/Fantasy/Fiction
Pages - 391
Format Read - Ebook

Catching fire picks up right where The Hunger Games left off. The districts are getting restless and rebellion is flickering into a small flame as Katniss and Peeta take thier tours around to the other 11 districts as the Victors. However, the Council has more tricks up thier sleeves, as this is the 75th anniversery of the Hunger Games. What does this mean? This means its a Quarter Quell, meaning there will be another Hunger Games only 9 months after the previous one. Whats worse: all the districts must put thier previous victors names into the reaping balls.

Its back to the Arena for Katniss.

The charactors are still very real, very alive. Katniss is still determined and strong, Peeta is still just as kind and intelligent. The others, Gale, Prim, the other district persons are fleshed out very well and noone seems to be detached form the story. 10 new tributes are introduced, they range from the very old to the young (Katniss being the youngest) and each has thier own personality, or whom is highligted, there are some tributes we dont really learn about much.  The emotion is also back, i found myself crying several times, laughing several times and grinding my teeth several times.

Collins does a spectacular job describing enviorments and the things in them. The arena is probably the most unique, awe-inspiring and terrifiying place I have come across in a long time, and the Gamemakers dont make it any less so.

Again the Hunger Games series packs an emotional ride full of thrills, and heartache and the ending is one of the most heart wrenching endings Ive come across, I cant wait till i can get my hands on Mockingjay and see how it all comes to a head.

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  1. Kristina Barnes♥ said...
    *sigh* Catching Fire and Mockingjay are the two books I'm having the most trouble writing reviews for. In fact, I read them a month ago and have yet to write a review for them. Why? Because whenever I think of Catching Fire or Mockingjay... Hell, whenever I think of the series as a whole, I get depressed as hell.

    I pretty much agree with all you've said. *sighs from thinking about it* Good review on a sad series. :(

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