Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday

10 books you would love to see as movies/shows

Who wouldn't want a movie or show with dark elves, orcs, dwarves, and other such fantastical creatures? Salvatore creates a majestic and wonderful world and it has long been my favorite series ever, even more than 16 books in!

I could not put this book down and I think that is my deciding factor to why this would make a kick ass movie.

It is just a beautiful romance/action novel set in the Tang Dynasty and I loved every minute of reading it. I enjoy Chinese fiction very much and Jeannie Lin is one of my favorite authors of that genre.

The concept of the book that the world is always changing, shifting and moving is so great and the characters you really fall in love with. It has action, a touch of romance and lots of magic and suspense.

Ok, sure, there are TONS of vampire novels in the world. However, this one add another element.. another monster to the tale. It is also very well written and I loved the action/romance.

I would like to see this movie REMADE. The had made this into a movie a few years ago but it was not what it should have been. I want a movie of this to be the masterpiece that the book was, I want to cry and swoon with emotion like I did when reading it.

Wicked tiny, bitey poisonous fae? YES!!

These books are quite funny and have a slew of different gods and goddesses as well as monsters in them. A talking dog, a sword wielding druid and more!

Dystopian! I do enjoy these types of books and this one was very well done.

Again vampires but there is also an elf, a dhampir, and a really, really smart pooch! There is action, intrigue and it is overall a really good book.


  1. Vilia said...
    I couldn't quite get into Stacey Jay's series but Atticus & Oberon would definitely be a hit. Here's my T10T
    Vilia @ Backchatting Books
    Kate Midnight Book Girl said...
    I haven't read a lot of these books, but Shadow and Bone would be awesome! I also need to read The Immortal Rules series, because Kagawa made me enjoy a book with fey in it, which tends to be a paranormal creature that doesn't work for me).
    Liesel Hill said...
    Shadow and Bone and The Immortal Rules have been on my TBR forever! Can't wait to get to them. :D Great list! Thanks for stopping by mine!
    Ciska van der Lans said...
    Seen Shadow and Bone on various blogs already but never read it.

    Thanks for stopping by!
    BookCupid said...
    Oooh, I really need to read Shadow of Bone, I keep seeing it everywhere!! Thanks for stopping by my TTT :)
    Nicole Hewitt said...
    I would love to see The Immortal Rules as a movie! I haven't read the others, but I'll have to check them out! Thanks for visiting my TTT!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

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