Friday, September 6, 2013

Follow Friday

Follow Friday

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QUESTION - Bookshelf Tour: Give us a tour of your bookshelf

Actually this is a co-existence between my guy friend and I. I usually get new books from authors in paperbacks and ARCs, I usually always get books on my  kindle. These are my not read books, i donate my read ones to a used bookstore. My friend has the whole Harry Dresden series on top and mine are on the third and second shelves as well as the fourth shelf. As you can see we are highly disorganized. The coolest thing about the room though is its got a black light so all my books glow when its on.


  1. Amanda Reyes said...
    Thats so awesome that you donate your read books! Love all the un-reads you have waiting for oyu though!

    New GFC follower! :)

    Amanda @ i solemnly swear
    Lexxie Lin said...
    You should totally get your hands on your friend's Harry Dresden files if you haven't read them already! Awesome series :

    Thanks for stopping by my FF post earlier.
    Nicole Hewitt said...
    My shelves are pretty disorganized too. That's okay - they match the rest of me! :-)

    I'm a new follower!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction
    Meredith said...
    My "shelves" are pretty bare. I donate too, most went to the library not too long ago and everything is now on the "digital shelf." New GFC follower. Happy Friday!

    Meredith’s Musings
    Kate Phillips said...
    I am really disorganized to, you are not alone.

    New GFC follower. Here is my Follow friday
    Beckie Voigts said...
    Hi LunaMoth - Thanks for stopping by my blog, Bittersweet Enchantment on Friday.

    I am a old follower and I must say your blog looks super cute! As always.

    Great collection.
    - Beckie

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