Thursday, August 11, 2011

About a week and a half ago I was asked by Easy Canvas Prints to review a canvas print from them.

I decided the print I wanted was a picture of my mothers dog Queenie with a big smile. It was presented to her today, and she cried.  My phone camera can not do it justice, but here is a pic. It is MUCH better in real life!

Easy Canvas Prints really is just that, easy. Its a step process, and very foolproof. You start off by selecting your size canvas (prices are shown next to it) and there is also a size comparison on the right side. Next you upload your image and size it to your needs/likes.  You then have a choice of borders, color finishing and retouching. Afterwards you just add it to your cart and pay! I spent a good deal playing around with the option and finding what I thought looked best.

Shipping is fast, and reliable. The print is packaged very well and marked appropriately on the package as fragile.

Now for the print: GORGEOUS! the colors are rich, the texture is that nice canvas feel and smooth and the quality is phenomenal. I got a retouch on the eyes of Queenie since they were glowing in the original picture and they made her eyes look very good, and a wonderful deep rich brown which her eyes are naturally.

I am extremelly happy with my print, and it made a wonderful gift for my mom. Easy Canvas Prints is defiantly the place to go for great quality canvas prints your sure to love.


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