Friday, April 2, 2010

Who do you read with?

At the start of my blog, i asked who you read with and showed a pic of my dog Panda.
Well, i got a super rare picture of all my reading buddies together!
First is Powder, the uninterested very well fed cat in the background. she likes to snuggle right up next to me and purr away.
The chihuahua that looks like shes ready for take-off with her ears pulled back is Coco my stepmoms dog, she normally isnt on my bed and i usually read with her in the living room.
Lastly, Panda. My little one is all smiles and she really is all the time, shes the goof-ball of the bunch and she goes everywhere i go, shes attached to me like glue so she is the most by my side when im reading. (and she lets me know when i need to pet her with a biiiiig drawn out sigh)

So that is my group of fuzzys who like to read with me. It would be so lonely without them!

Note - please forgive my messy room, stupid pillow and pandas food bowl on the bed.. she wont eat anywhere else.


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