Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

This week:
Deerskin by Robin Mckinley

1. flip to a  random page in your current book and find a few sentances to post that are interesting to you
2. try not to have any spoilers!

The court shook itself, and decided to be impatient with the princess, impatient so that they need think no worse.
But the king- did he not speak a little wildly? was it completely...proper... for a king, to praise his daughter so extravagantly?

I'm having fun with this book! its written so well and thoughfully.


  1. Dazzling Mage said...
    McKinley is a wonderful writer. This book is on my TBR. Great teaser.
    LunaMoth said...
    Mage if you emamil me ill send you the book when im done with it =)

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