Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Check out the fabulous trailer for the Marvelous World books (The Marvelous Effect and Olivion's Favorites)  by Troy CLE


About The Books:

The Marvelous Effect - 384 pages - Science Fiction - Buy from Amazon Here
Louis Proof, an inner-city, African American teen, and his friend Brandon receive an invitation to go to a mysterious amusement park. Their trip leads to strange experiences, which become stranger after Louis slips into a coma and, upon his recovery, discovers that he has special powers. Soon, Louis finds himself battling creatures from another dimension, led by the often-funny Galonious Imperial Evil

Olivion's Favorties - 352 pages - Science Fiction  - Buy from Amazon Here
Louis Proof, a 12-year-old African American, finds himself in the magical and confusing world of Midlandia, along with Cyndi and Devon. The children get to know its residents, the often-enigmatic energy beings called Celestial Entities. Conflicts between two warring groups of CEs soon involve the children, who learn that they are to become "Favorites" of the powerful being called Olivion and that they will be divided between the groups of CEs. It becomes apparent that the war between the CEs will soon move to Earth, and that it's up to the children to protect their home planet.

To learn more about the books, Troy CLE himself, read Troys blog or contact him. Visit the offical Marvelous World website (http://www.marvelousworld.com/)

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  1. blueicegal said...
    wow they look great! i havent talked to you in ages girl, hope everythings going good! :)

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