Thursday, February 4, 2010


Just a tad bit of advertising and a request today.
 As you may or may not know I have joined PaperbackSwap in the hopes of getting books that are not available on kindle for me to download. I find this service wonderful and i have already sent 6 books off to other people, and have gotten one sent to me. (my name is lunamoth on it if you are on as well and would like to add me as a friend)
 Now my request, since most of the books have long wait lines is do any of you have these books?  I will buy them from you with credits or cash if you prefer.

The adoration of jenna fox                                
the amaranth enchantment                                deerskin
another faust                                                     The demons librarian
asendancy of the last                                           dragonfly
bone dancer: a fantasy for technophiles                dreamdark: Silkspinner
brightly woven                                                      eyes like stars
brother to dragons comanion to owls                   Fell
catching fire                                                        the final empire (mistborn)
a certain slant of light                                           Incarceron
the chosen one                                                  Little grrl lost
dark oracle                                                           Ophelia
darkwood                                                        project 17
revealers                                                         a rush of wings
the shadow club                                             snitch
sphinx's queen                                                storm of the dead
sun and moon, ice and snow                            the swan kingdom
Undone                                                           wolf the journey home


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