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BerryCart Box

Product Type - Subscription Box - Monthly

Price - $29.99

The BerryCart box features 8 - 10 healthy snacks with 4 of them guarenteed to be full sized items. The box is monthly and costs $29.99usd. If the price scares you do not fear, I hear a $19.99usd box is in works with less items but still delicious goodies. At this moment you can also get $5 off your first box! All boxes come with rebates (10$ worth) and are always high fructose corn syrup free as well as free from artificial flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives.


Simple Squares Organic Snack Bar

This contains coconut, a flavor I am not too fond of but I felt the honey balanced it out and added needed sweetness. This is not super sweet however so it was easy to eat the whole thing in one go without getting sick of it. This is soft and slightly chewy, the flavor is light and the nuts give a slight texture change. It was pleasant. 

World Peas: Santa Barbara Ranch

I love green pea snacks and these did not dissapoint. The ranch flavor was light as was the crunch so you are not breaking your teeth on these. There is also no powder to get everywhere on these, at least not much that I noticed. I found myself popping one in my mouth and licking all the flavor off before biting these, it was fun! These also filled me up well in between lunch and dinner. 

Ips Chips: White Cheddar

These are made from eggs whites! I was suprised because they are quite flavorful and have a nice crunch. These where my favorite snack in the box and the added protein of these is a great bonus. The white cheddar flavor doesn't taste processed as much as say.. The cheddar popcorn you can get elsewhere. Its a comforting snack for sure and I hope to find these in a big bag somewhere soon.

Chocolate Snackaroons

Another coconut I did not get much chocolate flavor from these and they honestly where my least favorite item. They are not bad, I just wish it tasted more chocolaty. Have you ever had the coconut patties with chocolate coating? These are a healthier version, they taste just like that and are very soft. You can also feel the coconut flakes as you chew it and did enjoy that aspect but I would not run out to buy a bag/box of these. 

Hemp Hearts

I will admit I was wary of eating something rooe is made out of but really, we eat worse things daily haha. These are soft and taste like unsalted plain sunflower seeds. I ate them right out of the bag but i could see these added to oatmeal or in salads just as easily. They are neutral tasting enough to add to just about anything for an added boost in energy and healthy goodness.

Kutoa Chocolate Espresso Bar

Mmmm. Espresso! You can smell the bitter brew as soon as you rip open the package. If you love the taste of coffee and little bits of chocolate then you will enjoy this. It is soft and chewy with little bits of crunch to it and it is just heavenly. The chia seeds got stuck in my teeth a bit but i found that did not hinder my enjoyment of this treat. Every bar bought also helps feed a child in need.

I Heart Keenwah Clusters: Peanut Butter Cacao

My poor teeth! These are HARD. The flavor is very good, perfect balance of chocolate and creamy p.b but they are very, very crunchy. They are bite size mostly so you do not have to break them apart but i will recommend letting them sit in your mouth a few before chomping down. Great way to get kids to eat quinoa and introduce the healthy seed into diets.

Beanfields Bean and Rice Chips: Nacho

Despite not really looking like the picture in terms of color, these were pretty good. Not a huge nacho flavor, more salty than anything really they were still enjoyable and had a good crunch to them. The bag comes with quite a good amount in it and they will fill you up. I would try other flavors of these if I could find them, the powder flavoring is also a minimum so your not wiping off your shirt afterwards and getting your fingers full of grease.

There was also a little plastic box with sample packets of Pyure organic stevia sweetener that i used in my coffee. It was sweet with no odd aftertaste and was a powder, not granular. 

The box was very well put together and I recieved it in days of shipping since it is priority 2 day. If you want to try the healthier side of snacking or just something fun and different I would very much say to give this a try.

Note - I recieved this product in exchange for an honest review.

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