Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bath Bombs Gift Set Review

Bath Bombs Gift Set

Maker - Spa Fairy

Product Type - Bath/Gift

Where to Buy - Amazon

Price - $29.99

100% Natural Organic Essential Oils, are Vegan and gluten-free and have no artificial colors or dyes like other "gift sets"

Contains Six Large 4oz/113g Bath Bombs, twice the size of other popular sets sold on Amazon.

Each Spa Fairy Bath Bomb contains a special blend of unique naturally scented Essential Oils. 

Ultra-moisturizing with Shea and Cocoa butters that moisturize and replenish your skin.

Certifiably Made In USA, with the highest quality ingredients and care


I am an avid bath taker and I have tried dozens of companies and products from oils, salts, bombs, fizzies and putties. Rarely do I find a product that I just fall completely in love with, until now.

Spa fairy has done something very, very right here. These bombs are large, scented magnificently, and fizz like no other! Firstly the gift box is just adorable and can be used for so many different things after the bombs are gone. 

The bombs themselves are packages in plastic and tied with a ribbon with thier scent description and name. I loved all the different oils in these and each had a unique scent that perfectly matched thier respective name. 

These do cloud up the bath water and do not dye it pretty colors like some but that is a minor infraction to me since the oils in this were extremely moisturing. The smell? Oh my! Not only do you smell it as it fizzes and dissipates into your bath but the scent stayed with me throughout the entire bath time and even afterwards i could smell it walking into my bathroom. Most bombs i have used lose smell halfway through my bath but these did not and i enjoyed my bath more for it. 

If you love baths or know someone who does, I HIGHLY recommend this set. You will get all natural, highly scented and moisturizing bombs that are sure to please.

Note - I recieved this item in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Brandi Hayden said...
    I love that these are 100% natural. This set looks really amazing! It would make a great gift. I could really using a relaxing bath about now. I bet they smell wonderful.

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