Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Teaser Tuesday


 1. Flip your current read to a random page
 2. Share (2) sentences from the page. You may share more but not too much.
 3. Try not to include Spoilers.


"You're a strange one, aren't yer?' said Nolan as they filed into the slave-house. But it was said warmly, and Arren finally realized that since he had first come into the slave-house and take his place among the slaves, no-one - no-one - had drawn attention to the fact that he was a Northerner. There were no stares, no comments, no condescension or jokes, light-hearted or otherwise.

The Griffin's Flight (Fallen Moon Book #2) By K. J. Taylor


  1. fredamans said...
    Good teaser!
    Anonymous said...
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