Friday, April 6, 2012

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Question: Have you ever bought a book because of a bad review?

Wow, no I do not think I have! I certainly don't take reviews to heart though. What some people may view as bad I may love and what some love I may not, so while I may read reviews I do not let them be my basis for buying a book.


  1. LM Preston said...
    I have. That's what spurn me to purchase my first Harry Potter book :-D
    It's A Hardcover Life said...
    Hey I found you through book blogs! I liked your blog and I followed you. If you want, here's mine
    365_books_a_year said...
    In an odd kind of way, I've gotten books because of bad reviews. Not a situation where I thought, "Wow, a bad review from someone with lousy taste." But, some of the best books I've read were ones where the GR ratings were on polar opposite sides. Where it was either a 4-5 star book or a 1 star book for people. I guess because it's the kind of book that made people feel strongly. Although, I've read some really awful books that way too.

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