Thursday, March 22, 2012

Review - Thief of Lives

Thief of Lives
Author - Barb Hendee
Series - The Noble Dead #2
Genre - Fantasy
Pages - 410

Description from Goodreads

On the heels of Dhampir, Barb and J. C. Hendee's acclaimed fantasy debut, comes a new novel featuring Magiere and Leesil, slayers of the undead...

Magiere the dhampir and Leesil, her half-elf partner, are called out of their self-imposed retirement when vampires besiege the town of Bela-and are discovered to be in a league with the town's most prominent elders..

Thief of lives continues where Dhampir left off, Magiere, Leesil and Chap are now living in Miishka and running their own Tavern/Inn when a letter comes for Magiere. Seems the folks of Bela have been plagued with some undeads themselves, and some people have been getting killed. Bela needs help and has called upon Magiere and Leesil to eradicate the Noble Dead.

The writing style is the same, some good, witty quips some nice fighting scenes and plot twists. There was no downtime or lag that I came across, the story is engaging and characters intriguing. The new noble dead they face each have their own story and personalities (except for Sapphire who was just a major pain in the butt) we learn more about Leesils past, as well as some interesting tidbits about Chap.

How’s the romance? Well, nonexistent, and that is okay! I don’t like it when sappy romance or needless romance gums up my action. However, the end did make me smile and I am actually looking forward to the next book.

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