Saturday, April 9, 2011

Perchance to Dream
Author - Lisa Mantchev
Genre - YA/Fantasy
Pages - 333
ISBN - 0312380976

Act Two, Scene One
Growing up in the enchanted Thèâtre Illuminata, Beatrice Shakespeare Smith learned everything about every play ever written. She knew the Players and their parts, but she didn’t know that she, too, had magic. Now, she is the Mistress of Revels, the Teller of Tales, and determined to follow her stars. She is ready for the outside world.

But the outside world soon proves more topsy-turvy than any stage production. Bertie can make things happen by writing them, but outside the protective walls of the Thèâtre, nothing goes as planned. And her magic cannot help her make a decision between—

Nate: Her suave and swashbuckling pirate, now in mortal peril.

Ariel: A brooding, yet seductive, air spirit whose true motives remain unclear

When Nate is kidnapped and taken prisoner by the Sea Goddess, only Bertie can free him. She and her fairy sidekicks embark on a journey aboard the Thèâtre’s caravan, using Bertie’s word magic to guide them. Along the way, they collect a sneak-thief, who has in his possession something most valuable, and meet The Mysterious Stranger, Bertie’s father—and the creator of the scrimshaw medallion. Bertie’s dreams are haunted by Nate, whose love for Bertie is keeping him alive, but in the daytime, it’s Ariel who is tantalizingly close, and the one she is falling for. Who does Bertie love the most? And will her magic be powerful enough to save her once she enters the Sea Goddess’s lair? (from goodreads)

Perchance to dream starts as Eyes Like Stars leaves off. Bertie has left the Theatre Illuminata with Ariel in search of a way to save Nate. Along the way, she finds her father and adventure she couldn't imagine.

Bertie is still Bertie, sweet, reliable, snarky and just awesome. The faires are still funny and food-obssesed and Ariel is his usual self, though he has calmed down a bit and I found myself really, really liking him this time. Even the thief Waschbar and his two ferrets where likeable and i enjoyed thier antics.

Just like with the first, there are moments whenyou may get lost or confused but it rights itself out pretty quickly. I think the oddest part was when Bertie found her father, his whole.. being, was just one big confusion. However, a helpful one.

The landscape that is described is lush, vibrant and beautiful. From the land to the sky and sea, I felt like i was apart of the world Lisa Mantchev created.  By the time Bertie reaches the lair of the sea goddess I had laughed, cried, gasped and cheered on Bertie and company. Bertie gains more confidence and skill in her powers and the end battle was truely amazing, I had a box of kleenex by my side the entire time.

Perchance to Dream is a poetic and masterful piece of literary art. The characters, story, world and prose is just wonderful and put together so well. If you are a fan of unique storylines, then the Theatre Illuminata trilogy is right up your alley. Even if your not a fantasy fan, this is one not to be missed. Also, the cover is a simply gorgeous, all three books sport wonderful cover art and portray the characters and emotions of the books to a T.

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    Thank you for the honest review! I have been wanting to read this series for a while, but I have not yet been convinced until now! Thank you for sharing!

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