Sunday, July 18, 2010

In My Mailbox

Wel, since i only get one book at  a ime and i have it posted on the right whatim currently reading, i thnk IMM for me is abolished and this will be turned into Sunday Freebies. E-books you can read for free on your computer, ipad, kindle, ipod touch and other devices. you just need the kindle for PC application

i hve only one this week:

Mozarts Blood
Marley, a musician and writer, has produced a stunning drama inspired by the life of Teresa Saporiti, the first Donna Anna. Teresa, an aspiring singer, was turned into a vampire by a Czech aristocrat. As bad as the need for blood are the memories of the victims, which remain with the taker. Teresa has learned to deal with them, but Mozart, whom the baroness bit at the same time, never did and died painfully because he could not bring himself to satisfy the unnatural thirst. In San Francisco in 1906, Teresa meets Ugo, a Silician werewolf with a very curious past of his own. They become partners, guarding each other's backs. In twenty-first-century Milan, an egoistic baritone thinks he has figured out Teresa's secret and abducts Ugo to obtain the blood that holds Mozart's memories.


  1. Shera (Book Whispers) said...
    I love the cover for this ebook. Really gorgeous!
    Faye said...
    love the cover! looking forward 2 your review!

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