Tuesday, July 13, 2010

BACK! apologies and info!

Oh my! after quite a few months on hiatus i am back! i am so so sorry or being MIA!
let me list some reasons why i was gone:
1. my computer had some viruses and made my keybord wonky (its still a bit bad)
2.looking for a new place to live
3. i actually go places now!
ill be putting up a reviews of some books ive read (yes ihave read quite alot!)
i hope you stick round because i will be having my very frst contest soon!

it feels GREAT to see my page again! haha.
also i will say, i may not have the newest books up (i will try when one of the series im following has a new book coming up) but i really need to get trough my 100+ wishlist before i put anything else on it haha.


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