Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Witch's Spell Silk Soap
Maker - Bleu Soap Company
Price - $8.00

An all natural soap made with natural oils, butters, activated charcoal and real silk! 

They make lotions as well as soaps in a variety of scents.

Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE indie soaps and lotions. I was at the flea market one day and right before I was leaving I found a little table with the nicest guy selling lotions and soaps. I was drawn to this black, purple, and cream swirled soap. 

 It is marketed as "silk" soap. I was unaware what silk soap was but apparently it means 'You will have skin like a baby seal" .. well, maybe not a baby SEAL but.. baby like things defiantly. My skin was so SOFT afterwards. It took a little bit for me to get used to the fact that you are not going to have that tight, pulling sensation while using this that most bar soaps feel like. It really is smooth and light and makes your skin silky.  

I had later learned that this soap is actually made with 100% pure Silk! That is a first for me. 

The inside is as beautiful as the outside!

 The smell of this one is fantastic, it is a grape smell but not an overpowering grape or an artificial odor. It smells sweet and fresh. I have this in a soap box that i keep open on my sink and it scents the whole bathroom. This bar has lasted me months and it is quite large, I actually had to cut a third off so t hat i could fit it in the box. It is also very decorative if you do not want to use it, the flowers on top are so pretty. If you do use it though do not be scared if you get some black streaks on your skin while in the shower or bath, It is the activated charcoal and it is very healthy for your skin, it helps with acne and pores and anti-aging so it is a good thing!

Want to know more about Bleu Soap Company and its products? Just click the banner below or the link above and be transported to their facebook page, they are always courteous and quick to respond to your questions.


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