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Book Review - Zoe, Undead

Zoe, Undead
Author - J. R Knoll
Series - Zoe, Undead #1)
Genre - Apocalyptic, YA
Pages - 228

A new disease has struck worldwide, one that attacks and reprograms the brain, kills and controls the body, and reduces the less than living victim to a killing/eating machine.

 With more than seventy-five percent of the world's population either dead or infected, only a few pockets of resistance remain. The remnants of militaries have banded together with a few volunteers to form Zombie Response Teams to fight back and prevent the extinction of mankind, but they are losing the war.

 One family will fight to protect their autistic daughter from the horror of the wandering zombie mobs.

 They fail.

Now, Zoe unwittingly holds the key to mankind's survival, to winning the war, and only she can walk in the two worlds of the living and the undead.

Zombie stories, we know them we love them but there is ittle in the way of variety. The whole premise is that mindless zombies (whatever they may be called by the people in the books) are running rampant and its up to the survivors to either, well, survive or fight back. Nothing new right? Zoe, Undead changes that. 

 Sure there are your typical 'give me brains' brainless zombies but this book does not follow the survivors persay.. it actually follows someone bitten, a zombie and yet, not. Zoe is a seventeen year old autistic girl who just happen to be half zombie, she has grey skin and heals faster than regular humans but she retains her cognitive functions and does not have a craving for brains, she quite enjoys spagetti-Os instead. 

 Zoe was a joy to read about and read how she handled certain situations. Her child-like innocent nature was charming and I enjoyed learning how autistic minds work. I also enjoyed how she grew through out the book and came out of her shell a bit, and I hope there i something between her and Zach in the future because it is so sweet! The other characters lended charm and whit and sometimes a bit of naughtyness, I liked most of them and I near cried at one point in the book (no spoilers!) 

 I think the only thing i could say bad about this book is some of the writing. The storytelling is fluid and the world building is fine It is just the way the author chose to word some things. I can't count how many times someone 'barked' a scream or order or how many times someone "smartly' did something. These are little gripes however and it does nothing to kill the mood of the book, it was just something I picked up on. If you want a nice zombie read from a different perspective, pick up Zoe, Undead. You will not be dissapointed!

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  1. Rich Knoll said...
    Hey there. J. R. Knoll here. Thanks for the wonderful, well worded review. And, yes, I know editing is an issue in Zoe's first story. I wrote the draft in only 41 days and found myself in too much of a hurry to get her in print. I will be addressing problems with it at some point.

    Meanwhile, at the time of this writing, Zoe, Undead 2 is currently in print and Zoe 3 is in editing. I hope you will enjoy them as much as the first and I look forward to reading more of your reviews!

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