Monday, May 6, 2013

Review - Absolute Will

Absolute Will
Author - Robin Tremly
Genre - Adult/BDSM
Pages - E-book Only

Description from Goodreads

 Faith knew what she wanted. Her career, her own life, and the occasional play partner. She had planned out her existence and was quite capable of fulfilling it on her own, no man needed. She was self-reliant and strong. At least, she considered herself to be. However, a few martinis and a chance encounter with a woman that she expected would be a casual fling, ended up turning Faith's world upside down and her beliefs in strength and independence turned inside out. Take a journey with Faith as she learns true courage in offering absolute submission to another; another who accepts nothing but absolute obedience to his will

As a first foray into a BDSM novel I must say I was not displeased. It was a challenge for me sure, there is no background to the characters and no real world building but the story flowed nicely and the writing was simple but elegant. It took about 8% of the book to really get into it and at first the style of the characters point of views confused me but it became easier after a few pages. 

The story is straightforward: Faith meets a girl named Grace, Grace brings her home, they have wonderful sex and then Grace’s Master (William) caught them and decided to punish them both. Thus, setting Faith on the path into a whole new lifestyle of which she is frightened and curious, the live of BDSM, Dominate/Submissive. 

The struggles of Faith and the Dominance of William are greatly portrayed going into depth and descriptions that will leave you blushing and wanting more. I enjoyed watching Faith grow and accept her new lifestyle, even if it was hard and painful for her it was nice to see her open up at the end. 

 While there are a few mistakes in the novel (I found 2) It was well edited. Throughout the books I was appalled, angry, confused, and utterly engrossed, finishing the book in one sitting. I do hope the author decides to write more books, and maybe expand on this one since we only got to see the tip of the iceberg of the relationship between Grace, Faith and William.


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